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A few days after the meteor shower, the mysterious shards have been gathered up by the guards, rebels, and another mysterious faction. However, what to do with them next remains a mystery, as all known texts on their purpose are hopelessly vague. If such a text exists, we don't know where to find it.

Auditions for Chrysalis, Queen of the Changelings are open! Post here to audition!

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Six years ago, an unimaginable horror known as Tirek came to Equestria. His power was nigh impossible, requiring the Elements, the Lovers and the Alicorns all to pour their very souls into holding him. In their absence, Prince Blueblood took the crown. But, Blueblood's reign is simply a mask for the Guard's dictatorship, while rebels cling to the idea of a free republic and strange cults tout the value of freedom from any governance. With all this, why would anypony spare a thought for the comet that filled the night sky for weeks before falling?

Weather: Cloudy
Season: Spring
Who's in power right now? Traditionalists
Meteor Collected: 0%
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Ponyville is a small village well to the southwest of Canterlot, but within full view of it. The population tends more towards Earth Ponies, but Pegasi and Unicorns have a good representation there. Bordering it to the south east is the vast expanse of the Everfree Forest, and to the west lays the far friendlier Whitetail Wood. Ponyville is small and cosy, with more practical architecture and a (mostly) friendly population.
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The capital city, Canterlot has a primarily unicorn population. Built into the side and caldera of a tall, extinct volcano, Canterlot is a gorgeous city with sweeping, Renaissance-style architecture. From the ground, all that can be seen of Canterlot is the Royal Palace, with the city lying nestled and hidden within the protective walls of the ancient volcano. A main road circles up the sides for ground-based ponies to access it, although the quickest way to get there is by air. Above the city, in a dip at the top of one of the volcano's walls, resides a lake. Streams fall in majestic waterfalls from this watersource, and the surroundings of Canterlot Lake have been turned into a gorgeous park.
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By: HoundofChaos
The Everfree Forest
The Everfree Forest is a massive, dark wooded area, a very dangerous place for anyone to venture. Only the bravest and most foolhardy venture within, as the forest is home to some of the most dangerous creatures known to Ponykind. Covering the swath of land between the Chrysolite range to the west and the Great Nimbusgait Lakes to the east, the cursed forest takes up a good sized area of Equestria, and would take several days to cross... If one made it out alive at all. A large spur of the forest extends to the southeast of Ponyville, and it is here that the most traversed of the ancient roadways remain. But that doesn't make them safe by any stretch of the imagination.
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By: Vergess
Saddle Lake
A small body of water near Ponyville, Saddle Lake is a popular swimming and relaxation destination for the small town. It is generally considered perfectly safe; though there are rumors of giant octopus living in it's depths, it is not a threat to anypony unless they encroach on it's territory and is generally considered more of a curiosity than anything.
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Ghastly Gorge
A dangerous canyon riddled with predatory Quarray eels and unpredictable rockfalls, it isn't uncommon to see reckless pegasi practicing their airborne acrobatics here. However, it's generally regarded as a considerable risk, and everypony knows not to be caught in the Gorge after sunset.
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Rambling Rock Ridge
A small and gem-rich mountain range near Ponyville. This area is actually home to one of the largest Diamond Dog packs in Equestria and is a popular spot for those who hunt for gems. While the majority of the gems that can be found here are little more than shiny and for show, there are rumors of legitimately rare and valuable ones to be found here.
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