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A few days after the meteor shower, the mysterious shards have been gathered up by the guards, rebels, and another mysterious faction. However, what to do with them next remains a mystery, as all known texts on their purpose are hopelessly vague. If such a text exists, we don't know where to find it.

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Six years ago, an unimaginable horror known as Tirek came to Equestria. His power was nigh impossible, requiring the Elements, the Lovers and the Alicorns all to pour their very souls into holding him. In their absence, Prince Blueblood took the crown. But, Blueblood's reign is simply a mask for the Guard's dictatorship, while rebels cling to the idea of a free republic and strange cults tout the value of freedom from any governance. With all this, why would anypony spare a thought for the comet that filled the night sky for weeks before falling?

Weather: Cloudy
Season: Spring
Who's in power right now? Traditionalists
Meteor Collected: 0%
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Lord Tenebrous


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Dec 22 2012, 07:22 PM
Lord Tenebrous
Unicorn Lich

Physical Status
Image, if available.

His coat is black like nighttime.


His mane is a silvery-white color, and looks refined and regal. It's mid-length, about the same as Twilight Sparkle's.


His tail is the same coloration and style as his mane, and is long enough to reach the calf-muscles of his hindlegs.


His eyes are a pale, icy blue. Some would almost call them soulless.

Cutie Mark:

His cutie mark is in this shape, and is a light gray.


He is often seen in a ragged, black cloak that covers the majority of his face with a hood. Once he can find great workers of metal, he intends to have armor made for him when battle comes.

Psychological Evaluation

Tenebrous is a cruel being, and loves to bring misery on other ponies. He also has a great lust of gold and treasure. He is also fond of dark magic artifacts.


He despises anything based around the concept of "good". He also dislikes unicorns of light magic.


His greatest dream is to overthrow the current Equestrian Royal Family, and take their place as ruler of all Equestria, and possibly beyond that.


The thing Tenebrous fears the most is death, having tried cheating once as a mortal unicorn royal, which has lead him into his current state as a lich. He also fears the powers the Royals have, as their light magic could destroy him if they concentrate enough of it.

General Remarks:


Permanent Records

Lord Tenebrous was born as Prince Runestone, the child of a long-forgotten unicorn kingdom, outside of the jurisdiction of Celestia's family. As a colt, he was trained to fight and have the diplomatic skills needed for when he would eventually take over from his father.


As Prince Runestone grew up, his skills in combat and royal duties became refined. It was at this time that he fell in love with a young pegasus named Lady Zephyra. The two eventually married. It was also at this time that Prince Runestone's father died, making Runestone king of the realm


These were the days that lead King Runestone into his path upon becoming a lich. He grew older, and saw people he cared for start to die around him, including his beloved Zephyra and their foal. Runestone feared death, and loosing his kingdom, so he did what no unicorn should ever do: dabble in dark magic. The dark forces, over time, corrupted him, making Runestone but a shadow of his former self, replacing him with the Lich, Lord Tenebrous.


Tenebrous spent most of his time in the abandoned ruins that were once his kingdom, mostly out of mourning and out of fear of the powers that existed elsewhere, mainly the presences most knew as Princesses Celestia and Luna. Upon their destruction, Tenebrous took his chance, and took a place inside of the Eclipse cult, keeping his true intentions secret. The lich now supports the anarchy so that Celestia's family could be dethroned and replace them as the dark lord of all Equestria.

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