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A few days after the meteor shower, the mysterious shards have been gathered up by the guards, rebels, and another mysterious faction. However, what to do with them next remains a mystery, as all known texts on their purpose are hopelessly vague. If such a text exists, we don't know where to find it.

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Six years ago, an unimaginable horror known as Tirek came to Equestria. His power was nigh impossible, requiring the Elements, the Lovers and the Alicorns all to pour their very souls into holding him. In their absence, Prince Blueblood took the crown. But, Blueblood's reign is simply a mask for the Guard's dictatorship, while rebels cling to the idea of a free republic and strange cults tout the value of freedom from any governance. With all this, why would anypony spare a thought for the comet that filled the night sky for weeks before falling?

Weather: Cloudy
Season: Spring
Who's in power right now? Traditionalists
Meteor Collected: 0%
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Feb 1 2013, 01:06 AM
"It's five o'clock on a saturday, the regular crowd shuffles in~ There's an old colt sittin' next to me, makin' love to his tonic and gin. He says 'son can you play me a memory, I'm not really sure how it goes~, but it's sad and it's sweet, and I knew it complete, when I wore a younger colt's clothes~"

As much as Snow loved that song, the eighth time it came on her radio was a bit much, even for her. With a sigh she stopped singing and switched it off, before going back to work. The sun had set outside the window across from her almost an hour before, but she still had work to do. As it turned out, being the private secretary for one of the most powerful stallions in Equestria meant having to fill out more paperwork than entire battalions in the Guard, and she did it single-hoofedly at that. It wouldn't be an issue if it was interesting paperwork, but it seemed that the vast majority were all in the same vein and she could probably start copying things directly from one to the other without an issue.

Such was life for a government employee.
Jan 3 2013, 09:43 PM
Two weeks had passed since Snowbird and Wishing Star had met, and they had been two of the happiest weeks of Snow's life. The two mares had gained a fast friendship, and Snow had almost no qualms about the relationship. The only thing that was nagging at her was the one thought that Star only loved her for her body; it was a nasty line of thinking, and so Snow did her best to put it out of her mind and simply enjoy the company of the mare sitting on the corner of her desk as the pair flirted and screwed around.
Dec 31 2012, 08:08 PM
The day had gone well for Snowbird; Sky hadn't had much work for her, and so she'd spent the majority of her time reading a cheap adventure and fantasizing about her new marefriend. She honestly couldn't get Star out of her head, and so when the castle closed down for the night she made sure to get out to the fron gates as quickly as she could. She'd come up with a few plans for the evening, but who knew where that would lead as she waited for the object of her affections to meet her.
Dec 30 2012, 12:41 AM
Admittedly, spending a night out at your favorite bar and meeting a new friend is something most ponies enjoy, and Snowbird was one of them. However, there was always a drawback to getting plastered, even if you avoided doing anything stupid while under the influence: the morning after. Indeed, the gray pegasus found her way to the castle in time for her shift to start, and after letting her boss know that she was alive she went down to the kitchens to get them both breakfast. Once there, she realized she was looking at the pony she had met the evening before, who also seemed to be dealing with a minor hangover.

"Hey Starry. How're the drinks treating you tonight?"
Dec 25 2012, 06:52 PM

Alliance: Neutral
Occupation: Sky Skimmer's assistant

Physical Status




<Gray and black>


<See mane>



Cutie Mark:

<Gray A white knight and black king>


<Can almost always be found with a few bits of jewelry, as seen in the picture>

Psychological Evaluation

<Being outside, flying, generally screwing around>


<Sitting still, being told what to do by ponies with no actual influence over her, her tail being pulled>


<Reuniting with her brother>


<Jail or other places where she can't have fun>

General Remarks:

<Snowbird is a fun-loving mare, but she does have a darker side. If you cross her or the ponies she cares about, she has no issue with trying to destroy you and everything you love.>

Permanent Records[block]Childhood/Adolescence:

<Snowbird was born to a fairly wealthy Manehatten family, along with Icefox, her brother. Their parents valued education more than anything else, as they felt that nopony could take knowledge, unlike any physical object. Thus, the two foals were brought up in the best schools the city had to offer, and while Ice dove into it with a passion, Snowbird was more interested in getting to know ponies and playing chess with the professors. Eventually, they both graduated from Manehatten University, Icefox taking his degree in Equestrian history and archaeology, while Snowbird went into geology. They parted ways then, Snowbird going off to Coltifornia to pursue fame and fortune, while Icefox stayed behind to go into higher learning. Apart from her family, Snow's life began to take its' own course..>


<As it turned out, a civil cold war wasn't the best thing for Equestria. When she got to the far south to study the mining techniques used throughout the the San Palomino hills, it was virtually impossible for a mare to get a job fresh out of college, and she ended up working the tables at Hooters for her time there. During her time off, she started researching her family history, and found out that they were distantly descended from one of the noble houses. Having had enough of Coltifornia, she returned to Manehattan on her way to Canterlot, hoping she would have better luck there.

The journey home was mostly uneventful, except for one moment when she was stopped for accidentally transporting illegal goods, which in this case just meant taking a few oranges into a county where they were highly regulated to keep from ruining their prized crop. The guard said he would send a detachment out to talk to her about it once she reached Manehattan, and after a few days with Icefox, that was what she'd done. It was a small fine and a tiny spot on her record, but when she returned home she found that Ice had already left for work, and so she went on her way, off to Canterlot.

Once there, her digging in Coltifornia finally paid off. Thanks to her noble blood, she garnered enough attention at the castle to land a job despite her minor criminal record, and she was put into place as Sky Skimmer's assistant during the early stages of the war. She's remained there since, living her life as a cog in the great wheel that is the Equestrian Government.>

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